Author: CLT


Microtask Digest – the intelligent data capture service

Microtask Digest service combines distributed human intelligence with advanced text recognition for capturing massive volumes of genealogical, census, medical, financial and other records.

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OCR that exceeds human keying in quality

Our cloud based Digest OCR service delivers quality exceeding industry OCR leaders and even human keying when processing large amounts of material. Human assisted machine learning algorithms recognize even partially masked words using intelligent statistical analysis and prediction. In many cases, where other OCR solutions fail miserably, Microtask Digest OCR can deliver excellent quality and performance cost effectively.

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Hybrid intelligence for effective handwriting recognition

By combining human intelligence with machine intelligence Microtask Digest ICR can deliver world class handwriting recognition. Whether your material is 18th century Polish marriage records or contemporary invoices, Digest ICR will accurately capture the relevant data in the format you require. Intelligent dictionaries, rules and post-processing ensure high quality.

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