The company

Microtask is a hybrid intelligence expert founded in 2009 by four Finnish serial entrepreneurs. We have offices in Tampere and Atlanta. Our investors include Sunstone Capital and strategic private investors.


Ville Miettinen, CEO

Wili is a serial entrepreneur and investor, with 15 years of professional experience in software engineering and computer graphics. He has been involved with the evolution of various open standards. Wili has been active in the Finnish early-stage technology investment scene, and holds board positions. At Microtask his responsibility is managing the company, business development and evangelism.


Otto Chrons, CTO

Otto is an entrepreneur and technologist. He has 15 years of experience in mobile, security and graphics technology. Otto has an exceptional understanding of a broad range of technological issues and a passion for innovation. Otto has successfully grown a start-up to a medium-sized company, acquired by an international industry leader. He is an expert in both technology and business. Before Microtask he was the Director of Technology at Sasken Communication Technologies.


Microtask Ltd.
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FI-33720 Tampere

Tel: +358 9 4241 2727
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