What is a Freelance Digital Marketer?

freelance digital marketer sitting in front of a laptop

Ever wonder what it takes to be a freelance digital marketer? Everyone wants to be their boss, work from anywhere and set their working hours. Freelancing enables you to do that. With this, it has become one of the most sought out professions in the world. 

Freelancing comprises several positions, all of which you can perform from any location of your choice. One of these is freelance digital marketing.

Who is a freelance digital marketer? What does the job entail? We shall answer these questions and more as you read further.

Who is a Freelance Digital Marketer?

freelance digital marketer sitting in front of a laptop
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The term “digital marketing” encompasses different specialties geared towards improving the online presence of a business. Freelance digital marketing has the same job description. However, the difference here is that freelancing allows you to work with multiple firms at a convenient schedule. 

It often entails signing contracts that stipulate what the company expects with your services. You can work at your pace, but you must fulfill the terms of your agreement.

A freelance digital marketer focuses on creating promotional content for companies who want to outsource their marketing needs. These could be copywriting, social media promotion copies, and advert campaigns. It also entails creating a Search Engine Optimized strategy to boost online presence. 

Types of Freelance Digital Marketers

Here are the different specialties that fall under freelance digital marketing:

Social Media Managers: This individual develops and implements techniques that aid businesses grow their followers on social media platforms. Such strategies also target specific audiences to ensure there’s an increase in the company’s profit.

SEO specialists: People who focus on building the company’s website using key phrases that potential customers are likely to use during a Google search.

Google Ad specialist: Someone who creates and optimizes Google advertising campaigns for the company’s target audience.

Marketing consultant: A consultant oversees all operations of the business marketing team. They develop strong marketing strategies to draw the right customers to the business.

Facebook marketers: Most social media marketers deal with every aspect of advertising on social media. However, Facebook marketers focus on knowing the ins and outs of boosting a company using the right Facebook tools. They also specialize in managing company pages on the platform.

Content creators/writers: These individuals create informational and well-articulated copies for businesses to use on their websites.

How Much Money Does a Freelance Digital Marketer Make?

One of the most appealing things about freelance digital marketing is their earnings. The amount you make depends on your specialty, the client, and the services you’re going to render. In most cases, you have the opportunity to stipulate how much you want to be paid. 

Therefore, these specialists could earn up to $60,000 yearly. With the right clients, they could also make over $100,000 annually. 

Freelance digital marketers also determine how they want to receive their payment. The financial terms and conditions might differ for each client, but you can select who pays the highest. If the payment terms are not convenient, you can discuss an adjustment in the payment method with the client.


Being a freelance digital marketer offers the freedom you need. You don’t have to work the regular 9 to 5 white-collar jobs, waking every morning to follow the same routine. Plus, there are several opportunities to explore if you settle for freelancing.

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