7 Websites That Pay for Microtasks

If you are one of those that are looking for a side income, micro-tasking may be the best solution for you. In your busy schedule, you can easily fit the micro-tasks among your regular life work.

The word ‘microtask’ says it all. These are the types of tasks that one can accomplish easily without taking much time, usually within minutes. As a result, you can complete these small tasks in between your two major tasks or even on your way to work or home. Most importantly, they do not hamper your daily life activities but still lets you earn some extra cash.

In the next paragraphs, we will present some websites that let you earn a little more through microtasks.

How Much Money Can One Make Through Microtasks

As you already might have understood, microtasks are not something highest-paying. They are just side-gigs with some bit of cash. So how does that benefit you? Well, it is highly flexible. Besides, you don’t need much previous experience. In some cases, you don’t need previous experience at all.

Common microtasks include but are not limited to URL searches, testing games and other apps, basic proofreading, sorting email, writing reviews, content moderation, etc.

If you are someone willing to look at a large amount, microtasks are not the best option for you. But if you want to earn a little more at your free, flexible time, you can make from microtasks around 50 to 100 dollars a week.

Best Websites for Microtasks

When it comes to making money, you will find so many websites and apps, most of which are fraudulent or not legal. Therefore, it might be a little tricky for you to determine legit sites with the potential of real-earning.

Moreover, not all of the microtask sites pay the same. Some of them pay as low that it will take you ages to reach a threshold. Hence, we have come up with websites and applications that pay more than others and are legit. Following are some of those best websites for microtasks.

1. Clickworker

Complex, large projects are broken down into smaller parts. Clickworker allows you to accomplish these small parts of the actual larger project. The sophisticated platform of Clickworker allows it to oversee and coordinate tasks so that there is an optimum workflow.

Microtasks in this website includes text translations, tagging, processing data, and web research. Workers on Clickworker can earn a $9 average per hour, according to the website. But with concentration and swiftness, you can get it over $10.

2. Swagbucks

 Everyone likes to put their opinions, comments, reviews online. But what happens when you get paid to do that? Well, Swagbucks let you do that kind of microtasks with some side-earning. The currency is SBs, a point system on this platform. Primarily, you can complete online surveys. But it is not limited to surveys only. Playing games, online shopping, watching videos, and an even easier one, surfing the internet, are some of the other microtasks on Swagbucks.

The withdrawal system allows a number of methods- from Paypal cash to different gift cards, including Google Play and Amazon. Once you reach enough points, you can withdraw them. The current minimum points for withdrawal are 2,200 SBs for a Google Play card of $25. When you log in to Swagbucks, some SBs accumulate in your account as an introductory bonus.  

3. Microtask JobBoard

Microtask is a micro job board & gig job sites that allows you to complete small tasks and earn money from anywhere in the world. Lean more on how you can join our very own job board and start earning money here.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another microtask website. This platform pays you for taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and some other microtasks. It also allows cashback on online shopping as well as coupons for various items, including groceries.

Unlike Swagbucks, real money accumulates in your account. On top of that, you can see the earning potential at the beginning of any task. It ranges from 10 cents to $5 for each job. However, the sufficient amount for withdrawal is a bit steep, $30. However, you can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, gift card, or check.

5. Microworkers

It is one of the top websites for microtasks, with over a million workers and 40 million microtasks. The micro-jobs include ad monitoring, categorization, data entry, completing surveys, etc.

Microworkers value your working experience. Hence, once you successfully complete a task, you get access to higher tasks.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is $9 on this platform, which is much lower than many other microtask websites. Withdrawal methods include Dwolla, PayPal, and Transpay.

6. FancyHands

This platform is perfect for those that want to work as virtual assistants. The microtasks include data entry, making travel arrangements, making calls, scheduling appointments, etc.

Although the tasks of a virtual assistant are not more challenging than other microtasks, it is higher-paying. However, you will need good communications skill and persuasive ability. Also, you will need a high-quality audio headset.

FancyHands usually pay from $3 to $7. But the good thing is you can work for more than one client at the same time, making it your full-time income.

7. Task Rabbit

This website is different from other websites on this list. That is because while other sites let you find online jobs, Task Rabbit helps you find offline jobs in your area. The jobs may include cleaning, gardening, delivering packages or foods, etc. Also, they will notify you once a task comes up in the area.

You can earn around $110 each month from Task Rabbit. But the amount may get higher or lower, based on the demand in that area.

8. GigWalk

Unlike other microtask platforms in this article, GigWalk is entirely an app-based platform. You need to download the app on a compatible mobile handset. Then, browse the gig list and find the tasks appropriate for you.

You will be paid from 3 dollars up to a hundred for each task. What is good about this app is that there is no minimum amount for withdrawal. It directly connects to your PayPal wallet. Whenever you complete a task, you receive a direct payment for that upon its approval.

Choose Your Side Gig Today

We have included a variety of top websites and applications that pay for microtasks. Each one of them is different in terms of procedures, payment pethods, and regulations. But one thing that they all have in common is that they don’t require much experience. Also, you can start whenever you want. Therefore, choose the platform that suits you the most and start earning right away.f


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