120% Increase in leads for Annie Tiang TCM

The Problem

The client was already ranking in the top 5th to 6th spot on Google. 

However, they are competing against international and government brands, which are naturally preferred choices. The old site was out of date and didn’t convey trust, which is why the conversion rate was below industry (>1%), even though they are achieving 150 – 250 views daily. 

It was also noted that other competitors are achieving more leads despite ranking below them.

Before Microtask:

  • 3-5 leads per day
  • Outdated site that didn’t convert trust or transparency
  • Site not mobile optimized with the poor load speed (5 seconds to load)
  • Poor content quality despite ranking top spots – causing high bounce rates
  • Broken Contact Form – 30% of leads did not come through
  • Poor user experience due to outdated site code 

Annie Tiang TCM

Premium TCM Clinic Singapore

After Microtask:

  • 6-8 leads per day
  • 10% bump in average traffic on top ranking keywords
  • Reduce load speed to 1.5 seconds
  • Mobile Optimized and Conversion focused CRO to improve user experience
  • New web design conveying trust & assisting in conversions

What We Provided

  • On-page SEO & Content Creation
  • White-hat linkbuilding
  • Site rebranding 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Load speed optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Captcha – for spam reduction
  • Zapier Automation
  • Live Chat Bot Integration

The Solution

Once we took over the site and set up the necessary traffic tracking, we were able to identify a conversion problem. 

The old site code was corrupt, which meant all content and design could not be changed. 

We had to remove the entire theme and re-create it from the ground up, without removing all of our SEO work in the process. 

We discovered that the contact form was practically useless since none of the leads were being sent through owing to the server DNS problem – we fixed it with a zapier API connection.

The Results

Took over site from 5 august – average 10% traffic bump after CRO and on-page seo.

Improve the daily lead conversion by 120% on average – The client also noted that the quality of leads was better than before.

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