x5 ROAS for art investment startup with Facebook ads

The Problem

Artworks.vc is a Singapore-based art investment firm under the NTU incubator initiative.

The customer must demonstrate demand for art purchases through an actual auction while also gaining users for their platform.

As we seek to expand into a new market in order to create demand, our greatest option is cold traffic sources such as Facebook and Instagram.

What We Provided

  • Online Event Sales Funnel construction
  • Facebook & Instagram advertising
  • Multi-step Email Drip Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS drip campaigns

The Solution

We utilized an event funnel and timing of 15 days for the campaign.

To stay on top of the crowd and improve our show-up rate, we created backend email drip and SMS campaigns.

The Results

Achieved about 120 signs up, and 58(peak) attendees showed up on the live auction day – through email and SMS campaigns.

Sold 60% of 20 artworks ranging from 50 – 1500 dollars in 1 night with 400 + dollar ad spend.