What Are The Best Blog Graphics For Your business?

woman checking out blog graphics on a laptop

Having the best blog graphics for your content is a great way to ensure that you get the most out of it. It also helps provide more meaning to your content, ensuring your readers get the message you want them to receive and eventually increase your leads.

It’s crucial to have good graphics on your site because they can make or break your website. This definitive guide will cover all you need to know about blog graphics and show you the best type of graphics for blogs.

What Are Blog Graphics?

woman checking out blog graphics on a laptop


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Blog graphics are images that appear alongside your text to help your reader understand what you are writing about. The purpose of graphics is to give your readers an idea of what you are talking about without actually needing to see the information.

What Are the Different Types of Graphics for Blogs?

There are different types of blog graphics out there, all accomplishing the purpose of capturing the reader’s attention and effectively passing the desired information on the blog. These are the essential graphics for blogs:

  • Infographics: Infographics are visual representations of data and statistics. They are generally used to present information that would be difficult to convey through text alone.
  • Headers: Headers are graphical elements that appear at the top of each page on your blog. They serve to set up the theme of your blog and act as a way of introducing new content.
  • Dividers: Dividers are graphic elements that divide pages into sections. They are often used with headers to create a visually pleasing layout.
  • Sidebar graphics: Sidebars are graphic elements that appear along the side of your blog. They are usually used to highlight important information such as contact details or links to other sites.
  • Featured images: Featured images are blog graphics that appear at the beginning of a post. They help you draw the reader’s eye to the main point of your article.
  • Blog seal: A blog seal is a logo that appears at the bottom of every page on your blog. It serves to provide credibility to your blog so readers can trust your content.
  • Social media images: These are usually small icons that link to social networking profiles. They allow you to share your content efficiently across multiple platforms.
  • Blog icon: A blog icon is a simple image representing your blog. It allows visitors to find your blog quickly by clicking on the icon.

What Are the Benefits of Having the Right Graphics on Your Blog?

Besides their basic function of attracting readers to a blog, blog graphics also do more:

  • Branding & Positioning: A blog that contains a well-proportioned blog graphic looks very professional. It shows the readers that you care about the readability of your blog.
  • Increase SEO: Using relevant images can make everyone who visits your blog spend more time on it, effectively boosting your SEO efforts.
  • Easy Understanding: A good graphic does more good for the understanding of your readers than a well-structured wall of text. It also saves you time explaining every facet of an idea.
  • Make Readers Feel Special: An interesting image will make people feel special and unique. In fact, these graphics can even make people want to follow you or subscribe to your feed.


So, now that you know what blog graphics are, how to find them, and why you need them – you can start designing them yourself! Here are some recommended graphic design softwares. If you still can’t figure it out, it’s always best to outsource your graphics creation to professionals who have experience creating graphics for blogs.

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