420% Increase in Patient Leads while reducing lead cost from $11.2 to $2.8

The Problem

The medical practice has tried advertising on Facebook before but did not have much success. They have done all kinds of strategies from boosting posts to lead forms but weren’t really generating the returns they want – either no result or getting extremely unqualified leads. Client completely disregard facebook advertising as a valuable means to generate leads, awareness and sales.

Before – $112 spent with only 10 leads. Leads were rather unqualified and landing page was converting under 4%.

What We Provided

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Sale funnel implementation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

The Solution

We realign and their offer to be more attractive while revamping the landing page design so as to position it towards the younger audience/working crowd as desired by the medical practice. 

The Results

Started final campaign on 1 august – conversion rate sitting at 14% compared to previous of 4%.

$80 spent with 30 leads at $2.80 per lead in 4 days. We continued running the campaign till it reached day 7 where we achieved 42 leads with $112 Spent. The client had to tell us to shut down the campaign because their doctors were unable to fulfil the heavy influx of patients.

We reduced lead costs from $11.2 to $2.8 while significantly increase lead flow from 10 to 42 within a span of a week.

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